Eli High Advantages Disadvantages

Over the past decade, I’ve combined my experience as a teacher and a mother. For now, I must prioritize the upbringing and education of my children and other freelance educational endeavors. My mom has always had a strong interest in education, and she was an excellent student who received a substantial amount of private schooling. In her current position, she has had many opportunities to learn about and apply educational theories, research, and real-world cases.

Interestingly, I have friends who are both directors of major private schools and full-time housewives who are passionate about learning from their mothers. That piqued my interest in private schools as I cared for a treasured late-arriving child. I enrolled them in prestigious private preschools, where they would be exposed to native speakers and an early introduction to the English language in the hopes that they would pick up the language spontaneously.

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